Crater 420 mini : the most portable

The CRATER brand no longer has to prove itself. It is already one of the reference in the world of weed vaporizers. We’re back to write a review after testing this beautiful Crater 420 mini vaporizer, elegant and discreet that will satisfy the nomadic vaporizer ! As usual, the brand delivers its models all over the world (USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada…).
In short, in addition to being one of the best vaporizers on the market, its reduced size will make it a perfect travel companion. It will also have its place in your salon vaporizer collection.crater 420 mini reviews image

Generality :

This vaporizer is dedicated to aromatherapy & treatment of respiratory ailments. You can use it to spray any dry herb or resin. The Crater 420 mini comes with a cup to allow you to vape your oil. It will be perfect for vaping CBD oil for example. It is a true convection vaporizers, which guarantees you a vapor of the best quality possible. We particularly appreciated the freshness of this steam. The heating time is incredibly short! Just 25 seconds to 180 degrees. We found that 180°C is the best temperature to use with this model. The second advantage of the Crater 420 mini is its size. Indeed, it is held to a hand without problem. Its size will allow you to take it everywhere with you. Just slip it into your pocket. The CRATER brand guarantees ALL its models for life!

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Design :

Here again, Crater was able to innovate and offer a vaporizer of a reduced size with impressive performance. Its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you. The Crater 420 mini is equipped with a digital display that shows the current temperature and the desired temperature. An LED system warns you when the desired temperature is reached. Simply turn on your Crater 420 mini, select the temperature, and wait for the light to turn green. The materials used are of remarkable quality for its low price. The main material grips the hand and allows you a good grip.

crater 420 mini reviews

Specificities :

  • Vaporisation by convection system
  • Free temperature settings
  • Quick charging via USB mico
  • 25 seconds to warm up
  • Mouthpiece soft and nice
  • Handlebar clamp
  • Very low price for this quality

The box contains:

  • A Crater 420 mini
  • A mini USB cable
  • A oil/resin quartz tank
  • A Guarantee
  • Cleaning accessories and spare parts
crater 420 mini box

A complete box

Conclusion :

This vaporizer is an essential element to have in its collection. Its size is its main asset. Once again, the Crater brand stands out with a unique quality/price ratio on the web. This Crater 420 mini is the perfect friend for nomadic stoners looking for a quality product.



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