Beginner’s Guide

The basics to know about vaporization :

Today, a big awareness is emerging on the dangers related to the consumption of tobacco and cannabis in the form of a joint. Indeed, many smokers turn to healthier solutions: vaporization.

Spraying has become very common today. There are even “no vaping” signs and “no smoking” signs. However, these appliances are safe for your health, since they do not generate any combustion.

You can therefore find an abundance of different products on the market that will allow you to vaping your herbs, your liquids, your oils and much more. For beginners, this abundance of product can be a bit destabilizing. We have created this site to help all smokers to find their way around, and thus enable them to acquire the best dry herb vaporiser.

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You can therefore vaping these different substances:

E-liquid vaporizer:

These are the most popular vape. Many smokers have made the choice to switch to vaporization to avoid deteriorating their health. Nicotine for vape comes in the form of liquid, which you reload in your e-cigarette. You can choose the dose of nicotine present in the liquid according to your habits, and the number of cigarettes you smoked before. You can also choose the taste of your liquid. There is an impressive amount of different taste to satisfy all consumers.

THC vaporizer:

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the most important active cannabis molecule, one of the most smoked plants in the world. The maximum THC level in cannabis is 25%. It is important to emphasize that this molecule is banned and classified as a narcotic in many countries. To vaporize your THC, you will need a dry herb vaporizer. Do not hesitate to consult our reviews to find the best herb vaporizer adapted to your needs.

THC vaporiser

CBD vaporiser:

CBD : Cannabidiol. It is another molecule present in cannabis, but in smaller quantities. This is the molecule used in the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis. As a percentage, it is found between 0.1% and 3% in cannabis. CBD has many pharmacological and therapeutic properties. It is useful against insomnia, nausea, depression, can restore appetite and smile. He is even studying in cancer treatment. CBD can vaporize in suitable vaporizers. Most dry herb sprayers have a compartment for oils and resin, as on this model: Crater 420 mini. You can buy your CDB oil here.

CBD vaporizer


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