Accessory: Guide of the best grinders!

Grinders are an indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to vape their herb. We have already explained the reasons in this article but we will come back to them. Grinders and vaporizers are two items that go together.

In order for your herb to heat evenly, you must grind it to a minimum to break it down into small particles. The grinder is the perfect tool to do this job. Grilling your herb will also have other advantages: the volume increases! Indeed, if you squeak a small quantity of herb, it will be more voluminous afterwards. So it’s very convenient when you want to fill your vaporizer chamber. As the volume increases, the area heated by the vaporizer also increases. This way you maximize the yield of your herb. Grinding your herb will also make it more homogeneous, making the vaporizer easier to work with and maximizing steam production.To choose your grinder, you must think about the consistency you want for your herb. Indeed, each grinder will grind your herb in a more or less thick way. Generally, you will need to grind your grass very fine for portable vaporizers, and thicker for desktop vaporizers. We have selected for you some high performance grinders that will make your life easier if you own a vaporizer:

santa cruz shredder 4Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinders/Sifters :

Price : $54,50   Avaible here : vapeworld

It is one of the best grinders on the market. The teeth are sharpened and designed to grind in both directions. It letting BB-sized chunks pass through the holes without further grinding! The knurled handle allows a perfect grip to crush your best grass quickly and efficiently. To finish its super powerful magnet guarantees you that it will remain closed and allows a good adhesion to avoid accidents! This grinders is also equipped with a compartment to collect pollen: you will no longer lose a crumb of your precious material.

grooveGroove 4-Piece Grinder

Price : $39,99 Avaible here : vapeworld

This grinder of outstanding quality is equipped with innovative coaxial turbine technology. This invention changed the way grinders were conceived. Thanks to its solid metal, it avoids any aluminium shavings in your grass. To use it, nothing simpler: open the lid and put your material – close the lid and turn in both directions – open the bottom chamber to recover your perfectly shredded grass.

4 piecesAEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinders/Sifters

Price : $21.95 Avaible here : vapeworld

It’s a very simple grinder. It is available in several different colours. Its main advantage is its low price. It will grind your herb satisfactorily for use in your vaporizer.

CBD: A good alternative to the anti anxiolytics?

In developed countries such as the United States and France, nearly 15% of the population regularly consumes benzodiazepines. Famous molecules, like Vallium or Alprazolam. This category of medication is used in to reduce anxiety related disorders, such as insomnia. This exessive consumption is linked to the increase in stress in Westerners’ lives. The workload is always heavier, working hours are longer… Doctors tend to deliver these drugs very easily, even though they are dangerous in the long term.

Benzodiazepine and its effects:

Benzodiazepines are psychotropic drugs that act on the central nervous system. They relieve stress and anxiety by depressing the central nervous system. The effects are very powerful and the prolonged use (more than 6 weeks) of this type of medication leads to a strong addiction and a strong physical and psychological dependence, comparable to opiates and heroin. The best-known and most widely consumed benzodiazepine is “Xannax”, the name of the alprazolam molecule.

CBD is its effect:

CBD is one of the molecules found in cannabis or hemp. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Its interest has recently been proven by several studies, making it very popular to combat the same symptoms that lead to dangerous consumption of benzo.
You can get more information about CBD here.


Recent studies that have highlighted CBD in the medical field are not yet taken seriously by the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, the anti anxiolytics business brings considerable sums of money to large pharmaceutical multinationals. However, the change in cannabis legislation around the world is marking a turning point for this new molecule, and this is only the beginning!